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Online pharmacy offers you to buy antibiotics online without prescription. We sell only original brand drugs which are safe, effective and cheap. We provide you complete information on the drugs, warn about risks and side effects and inform on possible dosages and schemes of treatments. Find out how to buy antibiotics online safe, why our online pharmacy is the best supplier of cheap antibiotics and how to choose a correct treatment for your specific case. For your convenience we present all the information in the form of questions and answers. Please, feel free to contact us in case you lack certain data or want to know more about us. This section of our website will be constantly added with new questions and answers according to applications and comments of our customers.

Who we are?

We are the top trusted online pharmacy offering to buy cheap antibiotics online at best prices. We thoroughly check every drug we add to the catalogue of our website, we thoroughly choose drug manufacturers and check all available independent research results to check the efficacy of the drug, its safety and approval. We do not sell forbidden drugs, banned or withdrawn drugs.

Our team is represented with experts of all levels and all directions of pharmaceutical industry. Our team also includes doctors with years of practical experience who check all the information provided on the pages of our website. Before posting any additional information all the data get checked by our experts.

We do not offer drugs of questionable quality, the medicines which are not approved by governmental authorities as well as from unknown suppliers or manufacturers.

What is our mission?

The mission of our online pharmacy is to provide you with extensive knowledge on antibiotics online for you to save time and to be able to properly choose the best drugs for treatment of bacterial, protozoal and some viral conditions. All the data are thoroughly checked by our experts. If we detect questionable issues, we re-check the information, contact the manufacturer and ask for quality certificates and tests results to provide you with complete and comprehensive data and knowledge on the essential drugs which must be in every home medicine box.

We do not administer or indicate drugs, we do not put diagnoses. All the information provided on the website of our online pharmacy is only of recommendatory character to ease the process of purchase of antibiotics without prescription. This means that we do not take any responsibility for the correctness of the drug for your case and disease, for probable side effects, for the success of treatment. What we guarantee is the quality of the cheap antibiotics offered on our website as well as the best prices for you.

Our online pharmacy offers not only the top brand antibiotics, but also generic forms and analogues.

What is a generic antibiotic?

According to the FDA a generic drug is the drug produced by another company and which is sold not under the brand name but under the name of the key active ingredient. The generic drug features the same formula and composition as the brand one. It has the same route of administration, the same form and the same dosages. The drug is administered for treatment of the same diseases and for correction and prevention of the same condition. The drug features the same dosages, performance and the same side effects. Commonly generic drugs are much cheaper, but are the safe safe and effective.

As our mission is to make infections treatment affordable for any patient, thus we provide you with the chance to choose among expensive and branded antibiotics and cheap antibiotics online. We guarantee that you will get the same effective and safe drug. Generic cheap antibiotics are not bad, these are not analogues, these are the same drugs but produced by the lesser known pharmaceutical companies.

Brand companies usually invest much in the research and marketing of their drugs, as well as into package of the antibiotics. However all of these factors sufficiently add to the price of the drug. While the generic drugs are produced just by the same formula, the package is not as high quality as of brand antibiotics. Generic cheap antibiotics are less known, than brand ones.

In short, generic cheap antibiotics are the same effective, high quality and safe as brand ones.

What are antibiotics’ analogues?

There are cases when a patient has some conditions which are contraindicating the administration of a certain drug. However our online pharmacy offers other antibiotics which are as well indicated for the treatment of the same conditions caused with the same susceptible strains of bacteria. Thus the analogue can be the same effective but will not be contraindicated with your chronic conditions.

Analogues are different drugs with different formula but which are indicated to treat the same diseases and conditions. Analogues can have a different form, different route of administration and different mode of action. However they perform the same effect – preventing the bacteria from growth and spreading all over the body thus stopping the inflammation in your body. By suppressing the growth of bacteria the antibiotics assist your immune system to cope with the infection and to clear it out from the body.

We do not provide recommendations on analogues of antibiotics, however the information given on the pages of our online pharmacy is only of recommendatory character. If you do not know which antibiotic is better for your case and which one will do less harm for your health, then please, visit your health care provider.

Providing generic antibiotics and alternatives of brand drugs enables us to offer you the best prices for the essential drugs treating the simplest but often very risky conditions.

Is it safe to buy antibiotics online?

In recent years online purchase of cheap antibiotics has become an average deal. Patients have become more secure online easily providing the financial and personal information. Our online pharmacy provides complete information on the cheap antibiotics, however we do not give indications and recommendations for usage against certain diseases and conditions.

We check every manufacturer and every drug which we offer on the pages of our website. We do not supply cheap antibiotics from unknown producers or resellers. We contact the manufacturers directly and get the best drugs with proved quality and efficacy.

Our aim is not to sell you as much drugs as you may need, but to inform you on the proper action of each antibiotic as well as to provide you with sound knowledge of the conditions, risks, effects of the drug which you can order from our online pharmacy. We do not get the information on cheap antibiotics from suspicious sources. All the data provided on the pages of our online pharmacy are taken from official manufacturers of antibiotics.

Buying antibiotics without prescription is safe in the next cases:

  • you know for sure your condition
  • you have already visited your doctor with the same condition and have already got prescriptions for the cheap antibiotics you are going to buy online, and now you just experience the relapse of the disease
  • you know that you have high tolerability of the wanted drug
  • you know you are not allergic to the drug
  • you know that you do not have contraindicating conditions for the treatment with a wanted antibiotic

In all other cases we recommend you to visit your health care provider to get individual recommendations and to get prescriptions for the proper drug.

Our online pharmacy offers only the safe, original and high quality cheap antibiotics ordered right from the manufacturer. We ensure proper shelf life of each drug sold to you. For the years of our online activity we have earned thousands of satisfied customers who turn back each time they need safe, original, high quality and cheap antibiotics.

Why you need to visit your health care provider before you buy antibiotics online?

Visiting your health care provider before you buy antibiotics online is a guarantee you get the best drug which will ensure fast and safe recovery, with no side effects, risky consequences and other dangerous conditions which can become present in months after the end of treatment.

There are certain reasons why you need to visit a doctor before you buy cheap antibiotics online:

Antibiotics treat bacterial infections and some of them perform effect on protozoa, but the drugs does not treat viral infection. In most cases the symptoms of viral, bacterial, yeast and protozoal infection will be very similar. Let us take as example, vaginal yeast infection, chlamydia and herpes – all of these conditions increase vaginal discharge, itching, burning, redness and dryness of skin. You need certain medical knowledge and experience to be able to distinguish among these infections (espcailly if herpetic infection does not have blisters on the skin yet or just burst inside the vagina with no present symptoms on labia). If you buy Doxycycline, Zithromax or Cipro to treat these conditions, chances are that you will take a wrong medicine. Taking a wrong medicine will sufficiently worsen the condition:

  • if you treat a bacterial infection with a wrong antibiotic, then be ready that it will spread to other body parts as well as will get complications
  • if you treat viral infection with Doxycycline or Cipro, then you can get your key condition worsened or turned into a latent form which is much more dangerous as its flows with no symptoms present.
  • if you treat protozoal or fungal infection with cheap antibiotics, then the condition will get worse as antibiotic treatment commonly affects not only bad bacteria but useful bacteria as well. In this case you will experience only worsening of the condition.

Similarity of symptoms makes it impossible to choose a proper medication without prior seeing your health care provider. Moreover, your doctor will not also distinguish among similar conditions without proper lab tests (urine, blood swab).

Another reason to see a doctor is that all the antibiotics offered in our online pharmacy perform a very strong anti-inflammatory effect. This means that you will get ease of your symptoms, pain and discomfort relief even if you take a wrong medicine. Most of the antibiotics as Cipro can mask the symptoms of very dangerous diseases as syphilis. Thus visiting a doctor before you buy antibiotics online will ensure the correctness of indications and proper dosages.

Another reason to visit your health care provider is to get individual recommendations on the dosages, intake scheme (daily intakes) and length of treatment. The matter is that most of the patients when buy antibiotics without prescription commonly withdraw the treatment right after they feel the ease of symptoms. Th ease of the condition does not mean that you are recovered. If the viable bacteria still remain in your body, chances are that after premature withdrawal of the drug the infection will relapse.

Certain conditions may contraindicate cheap antibiotics in your case. These conditions are commonly not direct and strict contraindications but they require additional caution and monitoring from the side of your doctor. Among such conditions with high risk of contraindication are kidney and liver problems, cardiovascular conditions and diseases, blood problems, allergic reactions as well as anaphylaxis caused with drugs in the history of health profile.

Moreover, visiting your doctor does not prevent you from getting cheap antibiotics online. When visiting your doctor you will get instructions on the proper drug for your case, correct dosages and duration of treatment. The doctor will also warn you on possible risks and side effects. Mind that our online pharmacy always honestly provides the complete information on the drugs we offer. You will find not only the description of the efficacy of the drug, but will also read comprehensive information on possible risks, harms and side effects. We do not conceal any information as our aim is not to persuade you to buy antibiotics online without prescription, but to make a choice of antibiotic easier for you.

And there is one more reason why you need to see your health care provider before you will buy cheap antibiotics online without prescription. The matter is that all the drugs are interacting with each other. While some interactions are safe and symptomless, others perform extreme risk for your health. None of the online pharmacies are able to list all the drugs with which cheap antibiotics as Cipro or Doxycycline come into interaction. Moreover, antibiotics may interact not only with drugs but with vitamins and food supplements as well as with herbs and herbal teas. Visiting your health care provider, please, inform your doctor about all the drugs you are taking occasionally or regularly. Your doctor will manage your schedule of drug intakes to reduce the risks for interaction. In most cases the intervals between interacting drugs should be at least 4 hours. In some cases you will be prescribed alternatives or other medicines to correct the symptoms.

How to correctly read information about cheap antibiotics in online pharmacy?

Before you will buy antibiotics online, no matter from our online pharmacy or from another, you must read all the information on the drug carefully. While other websites offering cheap antibiotics commonly do not present any useful and extensive data on the drug, we post all necessary information on every drug including precautions, safety warnings, contraindications, side effects and risks. Your health is our prime goal. We do not conceal any information from you in order to sell a drug.

But you must understand that the expert team of our online pharmacy is physically unable to describe all possible cases of the diseases and to list all the treatment schemes for all types of diseases and all categories of patients. That is why the descriptions of the cheap antibiotics on the pages of our online pharmacy contain only average cases, dosages and treatment schemes. That is why we also recommend our customers to visit a health care provider to get average indications corrected with consideration of your individual symptoms, related conditions and overall health condition.

The information provided on the pages of the drugs in our online pharmacy is only of recommendatory character. This means that you can not accept the information as direct indications for usage of the drug. Please, always agree the treatment with your health care provider.

We do not recommend reading the reviews of experience of other patients as each case is individual and even in case of two similar conditions the indications can be quite different. That is why there are certain rules of choice of cheap antibiotics:

  • never take into account only online information: indications and recommendations of dosages, treatment schemes as well as duration of treatment, no matter you find this information on the official website of the drug or its manufacturer or on the website of any online pharmacy. None of these resources will take responsibility for your health, for the result and outcome of the treatment as well as for risks and side effects you experienced;
  • never follow the recommendations of your friends and relatives on the choice of antibiotics without prescription – their cases might be quite different and can have nothing in common with your condition. Moreover choosing antibiotics in online pharmacy you take all the responsibility for your health and risks. If you choose a wrong antibiotic, nobody will compensate the losses;
  • never take into account the reviews of cheap antibiotics on the suspicious websites of online pharmacies – in most cases these are fake paid reviews which are aimed only at persuading you to buy the drug with no care for your health and safety.

Top reasons to buy cheap antibiotics from our online pharmacy!

1. We offer only original drugs which are approved by the FDA and other health organizations. These are original, brand and generic drugs having all the certificates of quality. We do not sell suspicious drugs from unknown producers. We order cheap antibiotics directly from the manufacturers to avoid fake drugs and cheap antibiotics of low quality.

2. We provide you with extensive information on every drug, we warn you on possible risks as our aim is not to sell but to inform you on the medicines and possible treatments.

3. We offer as brand, so generic drugs to make effective treatment of infections affordable for every patient. We offer alternatives and list all the information in the descriptions.

4. We provide only correct, actual and trustworthy information on the drugs, we take the data only from official resources and never copy the data from suspicious online sources. We contact the manufacturers directly to specify certain data and to get the quality certificates before we add a certain drug to our online pharmacy catalogue.

5. Due to direct cooperation with drug manufacturers we are able to keep the best prices as low as possible for every patient. For returning customers we offer loyalty programs as we understand that cheap antibiotics are essential for your health and most of them as Amoxicillin are must-be drugs in every home medicine box.

Our online pharmacy has earned thousands of customers with high quality cheap antibiotics and extra class service. Our responsive customer support is present online 24/7 to help you with a choice of cheap antibiotics as well as to inform you on specific cases of applications or contraindications which might be missing in the descriptions of the cheap antibiotics without prescription on the pages of our online pharmacy. We take extra care about packaging of the drugs and timely delivery of pills and capsules keeping to the strict pharmaceutical standards of conditions of allowed temperatures. We offer the best conditions for shipping as we understand how it is important for you to get the medicine on time as the success of any treatment depends on the timely start of taking of the drug.

We take care of every customer and are willing to assist on any stage of purchase: from choosing a proper drug and a proper dosage to getting the information on the delivery of the medicine.